What are all of the locations in this book?

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In the first half of the book, Jeff and the Professor live in the big city of Baltimore, Maryland, within walking distance of a major university where the Professor teaches and Jeff goes to school. During the summers, Jeff travels 600 miles to the south through the states of Virginia and North Carolina to visit Melody in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is a colorful southern city, largely undeveloped, with an abundance of historical sites dating to the Civil War. In the second half of the book, Jeff and the Professor move 150 miles south of Baltimore to a small house near Crisfield, a rural town across the Chesapeake Bay. Their new home is in an area of creeks and marshland.

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The setting of A Solitary Blue is integral to the story and its themes. The story begins in Baltimore, then moves between Charleston, South Carolina, and Baltimore, and finally ends in Crisfield, Maryland.

Baltimore and Charleston come to represent two extremes of Jeff Greene's confused and insecure life. In Charleston with his mother, where it is warm and sunny, Jeff feels loved. In Baltimore with his father, where the weather is colder, he feels self-sufficient and reticent.

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