What are all of the Land Biomes?Help me with my science quiz next week!!   Land Biomes, Forests, Deserts and stuff like that    

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are various classifications of biomes.  You should probably check your own textbook to make sure which biomes you are supposed to know.  Here is one list of land biome:

  • Tundra -- cold, arctic grasslands
  • Taiga -- coniferous forest of the north -- cool summers, cold winters
  • Tropical forest (rainforest)
  • Conferous forest -- evergreens
  • Deciduous forest -- broadleaf trees
  • Grassland -- prairies with few trees, climate between forest and desert
  • Savanna -- tropical grassland that also has trees
  • Chaparral -- Mediterranean type of environment, warm, bushes and small trees
  • Desert
mkcapen1 | Student

The land biomes consist of the different environments and their atmospheric and soil conditions.  They include: The Tundra, Rainforest, Boreal forest, Grasslands, Desert, and the Taiga.

Tundra: Has a very cold climate, not much biodiversity, limited vegetation, Limited drainage, short growth and reproductive season.

Rainforest: Lush vegetation, high yield of rainfall, diverse wildlife, diverse insect population, year round warmth rarely going below 68 degrees.

Boreal forest: Southerly part of the biome, Taiga.  Harsh climate, wide temperature range, low rainfall, dense vegetation growth.

Taiga: Northerly part of the biome, Boreal forest .  Needle leaf forest.  Cold with food shortages.  Not as many plants and animals.

Grasslands: Rolling grasses, flowers, herbs.  Erratic precipitation.

Desert: 4 types: hot and dry, semiarid, coastal, and cold.  Very few large mammals. Generally warm all year but hot in the summer.  Specialized vegetation.

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