What are all the factors that support life on Earth?  

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The various factors that support life on Earth include the following:

  • Distance from the Sun: Earth is at just the appropriate distance from the Sun. If we were closer, the planet would be warmer. If we were more distant, the planet would be colder. For the organisms on this planet, the minor changes in this distance would make Earth inhabitable.
  • Atmosphere: Earth has an atmosphere, which provides gases for our survival. It also ensures that the planet does not lose all of its heat and hence maintains a livable temperature. The atmosphere also protects us from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation.
  • Water: The presence of a universal solvent ensures that reactions can take place and nutrients can be moved around easily.
  • Time for development: We are lucky to have the Sun, which is an average star and has a long life, something which is essential for life to develop and sustain. If the Sun had a shorter life, Earth may not have had the time to develop and life may not have evolved.

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