What are some examples of epic similes in Homer's Odyssey?I need 2 examples for class tomorrow.

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One of the features of Homeric poetry is the presence of numerous similes. These can frequently be recognized by introductory words or phrases such as "like" or "just as."

In Odyssey 22, for example, when Odysseus is battling the suitors, the fleeing suitors are described as being "like a herd of cattle goaded and stung by the darting gadflies in spring" (A.S. Kline translation). In turn, Odysseus and his comrades are described as being "like vultures from the mountains" as they pursue the suitors.

In Odyssey 5, we find Odysseus on his raft, out on the open sea, being driven along by the winds. Odysseus' little raft is described in the following way: "Just as in autumn the North Wind blows a ball of thistle tufts..."

So, as we can see, similes are a signifcant part of Homeric poetry. To list list them all would be an epic task indeed.


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