In "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant," what are all the characters' names? 

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There are four main characters in this tale about accepting the consequences for the choices one makes in life.

The first character is the young fisherman and narrator.  He remains unnamed. However, it is his story; it is his dilemma and subsequent choices that give us our look at fate.

The second character is Sheila Mant.  She is the object of the young fisherman's affections.  She is also the thing that causes him to fall short of obtaining true happiness and self-fulfillment.

Next, we have the bass.  That would be the only name we know it by, but it is a major character.  It is the catching of the bass, and not Sheila, which would be the author's true life accomplishment.

Finally, there is Eric Caswell.  This is the person that Sheila truly wants to "catch."  For once our young fisherman forfeits his prize bass and succeeds in accompanying Sheila to the dance, she leaves him for Eric.

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