Who are the main characters in The Crazy Horse Electric Game?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main character and protagonist in The Crazy Horse Electric Game is Willie Weaver. Willie is a courageous youth who learns to adjust to the curve ball life threw him in the form of a disabling accident. Willie goes from being a champion baseball player to being a teenager who needs a physical therapist and is lucky enough to find a Tai Chi master. After the accident Willie leaves Montana to escape his familiar yet no longer attainable world and moves to Oakland, California, where he attends an alternative high school and does physical therapy and trains in Tai Chi, which teaches him, according to the words in his high school graduation speech, that his mind and body are different parts of the same thing.

Lisa and Sammy help Willie reclaim himself after he has run away to Oakland. Lisa is the physical education instructor at the high school that Willie attends and Sammy is her boyfriend. Lisa teaches Willie how to rebuild his strength and regain control of his body while Sammy trains him Tai Chi. Lisa tells Willie that he "stretched the rules till they broke" and the consequences came; "Simple as that." Sammy teaches him to find the answers that are within him.

Lacey rescues Willie in Oakland and takes him in to his home, after which he enrolls Willie in a tough alternative high school where gangs cause trouble and hurt other students. Lacey's good deed is an act of restitution. He wasn't good to his own son and is plagued with guilt and remorse and believes he is going to Hell because of his behavior. Lacey is hoping that he can make recompense in some small way by helping to raise a "white cripple kid" (and it probably will constitute at least a small recompense for his other actions).

Lacey takes over where Willie's mother and father leave off. Willie's mother Sandy is already torn with guilt before Willie's accident because her baby died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, then after his accident she is even more emotionally shattered. On top of which Willie's father William is devastated by a crippling guilty conscience, blaming himself for Willie's injuries. Sandy and William divorce after Willie runs away and William turns to alcohol.