What are all the causes and effects of land pollution?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Land pollution is a destruction of earth's land mass due to excessive human activities which maybe directly or indirectly, that can affect the people living in the area. Such degradation is due to the addition of pollutants, waste and other objects that are not properly disposed, recycled and reused. 

Causes of land pollution are generally due to human factors. These includes chemical spills from the residues of mining industries; improper waste disposals and overcrowded landfills; deforestation and soil erosion; construction and industrialization of land areas release chemicals that can inhibit the growth of plants and animals. 

Other causes are the natural phenomenon such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, and chemical decompositions due to biological activities. 

We can summarize the effects of land pollution as follows:

- Flood due to improper waste disposal that can clog the drainages

- land slide/ mud slides happen due to weakened land areas due to human activities such as mining and deforestation. 

- Sickness due to chemical spills

- Environmental impact and health effects

- can cause air pollution 

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