What are all 13 Districts in The Hunger Games, including what they provide for the Capitol?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

District 1 provides luxury items to all of the districts, but let's be honest, most of the districts either can't afford it or have no use for it. 

District 2 provides stone mining and masonry.  It is one of the most wealthy districts and also does weapons manufacturing.

District 3 provides electronics and technology related products.

District 4 provides food, specifically related to their fishing industry.

District 5 provides power and electricity.

District 6 provides the industry of transportation.

District 7 provides Panem with its lumber industry.

District 8 provides textiles—in other words, clothing and fabric.

District 9 provides grain for further food production.

District 10 provides livestock, meaning it is also in the food industry for Panem.

District 11 provides more food.  Specifically they provide the agriculture.  This is odd since District 9 is also technically agriculture with the grain production.  Of course District 11 could also be providing fruits and vegetables. 

District 12 provides coal and mining.

District 13 provides graphite and more importantly nuclear science and weaponry.