What is the alien but recognizable look that comes over Gatsby's face several times in chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby?

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That look appears on Gatsby's face whenever he is faced with a truth that he would rather avoid.  The first time is when Tom mentions "drug stores".  This is a reference to the illegal alcohol sales Gatsby is involved in at various drug stores.  The second time is when Tom indicates that a man named Walter has some information on Gatsby betting illegally.  The look would best be described as the "hand in the cookie jar" look.  These are moments when Gatsby knows that he has been caught out, and realizes he might have trouble holding the high ground in his argument with Tom.

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The look that Gatsby's face portrays, is a look of guilt. It is considered an alien look because, Gatsby's face usually shows confidence. But ever since Tom has brought up truths that Gatsby would rather keep in the dark, the look has shown up an Gatsby's face at least two times
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I would say that it is the look of bewilderment previously seen at the end of Chapter 5.

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