What algebra equation example could be made that relates to practical and real life situations?

pramodpandey | Student

Suppose you have  maximum 10 hours to work in a day.Your payment is made hourly basis.There are two places where you can work and get different rate of payments. Say one place M , you can get 10$ per hour while place N ,you get  11.5$ per hour. To go place M ,your expences for transportation  etc  is .75 $ while for place N  ,you need to expend 1.2 $. To reach M you need 1/2 hrs. and  to reach N , 2/3 hrs. Where you wish to work  ?

Suppose you work x hours at place M and y hours at N place.

So we have

`x+y+1/2+2/3<=10 `   (i)


your earnings say Z


Just see how algebra is important in our life.

oldnick | Student

 Suppose you were a greengrocer, and have a load, last the morning,  of 100 pears, 200 apples and 400 bananas.

suppose  too,  have another load, last afternoon of 50 pears,100 apples and 200 banans.

When you call the day have sold all you fruit, the problem is how much is  your earn?

called p  pears price, a ,apples price  and b bananas price:

`e=100p +200a+400b+ 50p+100a+200b` 

Now, since every fruit has a differetn price you have to sum similar price  quantity that is:

`e=(100+50)p+ (200+100)a+(400+200)b=150p+300a+600b` 

Now assinged vaue of price for every fruit the sum is the daily earn.

Note that   to get this sum  you had to add "similar terms", pears with pears, apples with apples and  banans with bananas.

This is just the way  polynomial algebical sum acts.

Thsiis  only a trivial example, you could find it again and again!