What is AIDA approach of selling?

krishna-agrawala | Student

'AIDA' is an approach to successful selling involving four sequential steps. These steps of selling are represented by four key words attention, interest, desire and action, and the term AIDA is and acronym formed out of these. Full title of these four steps of selling are:

  1. Attention: Attract Attention
  2. Interest: Create Interest
  3. Desire: Kindle Desire
  4. Action:Take Action

The first task that a salesperson must accomplish during a sales interview is to attract the attention of the prospect. Unless this happens the prospect will not continue the interview, or will not listen to what the salesperson is saying.

Once the the prospect is paying attention, the sales interview can move to the next stage. In this stage the sales person must ensure that the prospect is sufficiently interested in the product being offered for sale. The customer need not want to buy the product at this stage, but the customers should at least feel that the product is worth considering for purchase. When the customer is in this state of mind, the sales person can move to the next stage.

In the third stage, sales person must convince that the product is worth buying for the customer and kindle a desire for purchasing the product immediately. This is a critical stage. Many customer agree to the value of a product in general, but may not be ready to purchase it immediately. It is important for the sales person to kindle this desire for purchase, and when this has been done successfully move quickly to the next stage.

The final step in the sales interview is to take action for completing the sales. This action for making the prospect take the final purchase action is popularly called closing the sales. The sales person must be careful to determine when the objective of step three - kindling desire - has been achieved and immediately close the sales. This results in either salesperson directly handing over the product to customer, or customer signing an order form, or any other action which confirms the sale.