For what age group are anti-aging products manufactured and marketed? Are the chemicals in them targeted to or harm to the skin of those in their early 20's?

Expert Answers
ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most dermatologists will say that utilizing extra creams and chemicals on your skin when they are not truly necessary is not a good idea.  Most anti-aging skin creams contain mostly collagens, a family of proteins that are commonly found in skin tissues.  Most people in their 20's don't really have any issues with collagen loss or damage so in this sense the creams aren't really providing any benefit.  While they may not actually harm your skin at a young age, they also don't really provide any measurable benefit. 

The two best things you can do for your skin at any age are protecting yourself from heavy sunlight exposure and not smoking.  Cigarette smoke and ultraviolet radiation are probably the two most damaging things to skin in terms of cumulative effects and premature aging.  While in your 20's, not smoking and not tanning would be much better for your future skin health than any anti-aging cream you could buy.