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Lucky you, your question has already been answered!

I am not sure if you are asking what happens at each ceremony, or what the purpose of the ceremonies is. Either question has been answered before.

Here is a link to the answer about what the ceremonies are:

Here is a link to the question about what occurs at each ceremony.

If that wasn’t what you meant, you can ask the question again more specifically.


ebojoy | Student

Hello.  The age ceremonies in The Giver are a part of the overall culture of "sameness."  The community does not subscribe to individualism in any form.  There are no rewards for individual performance - no room for competition.  The society is one of order and carefully planned uniformity, i.e. "sameness,"  which is why their are no birthday parties, whereat one child is singled out and celebrated.  In this society, all of the children of the same age are recognized collectively and allowed to participate in what ever activity is allowed to them at their particular age.  For example, all the Nines are allowed to ride a bike.

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