What are the accounts of the Creation in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism? What about the afterlife?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all accept the account of creation found in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible. This account, located in the book of Genesis, describes God creating the world and its inhabitants over a period of six days and then resting on the seventh day. In contrast to this singular account of creation, Hinduism believes in a universe that has always exists but goes through cycles of creation and destruction.

Judaism places less emphasis on the afterlife than Christianity. Christians believe in God judging people and sending them to heaven or hell, depending on how they lived their lives, as does Islam. Hinduism includes reincarnation.

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alilion | Student

God Almighty created the heaven and earth in six days..and God has infinite power and strength and is free from all needs. God will raise everyone at the day of judgement and everyone will be judged according to what they used to do, and those who did good will go Heaven and those who did bad will go to Hell. Remember..God has given us this free-will, we can either do good or bad..but we must submit our will to Him, by praying, fasting, charity etc. 

farina | Student


the christian faith believe that God created the world in 6 days. & in the afterlife the rightous will go to heaven, but the sinner will go to hell

artsyambition | Student

The first answer is right in all accounts but one: in Islam, God did not rest on the seventh day, Muslims beleive that God, being the almighty, doesn't need rest from anything, and thus their holy day is not Sunday like in Christianity.

Their most important day of worship is Friday, for much different reasons (though it's mandated for them to pray 5 times a day.)