What is Aeneas's mission?

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Aeneas was a Trojan prince, a warrior and a hero in The Aeneid, which best captured his story and mission. After the fall of Troy, the gods asked Aeneas to flee from Troy. He was to gather some of the surviving Trojans and flee to Italy, to establish Rome, and become ancestors of the Romans. The people he escaped with were together known as the Aeneads, the only free Trojan survivors of the war and followers of Aeneas. Their initial attempts at establishing a new home failed, and his father died in Sicily. The Aeneads arrived in Carthage after their ship was thrown off course by strong winds. Aeneas developed an intimate relationship with the Carthaginian queen, Dido. A marriage was later arranged between the two. The union did not last due to Aeneas’s divine duty to reach Rome. Dido committed suicide after Aeneas insisted on leaving Carthage. Aeneas and the Aeneads left to establish Rome.

In summary, Aeneas’s mission was to lead some of the surviving Trojans to Italy and establish the Roman society.

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