What advice does Lefty Lewis give to Bud about the possible dangers to a young brown-skinned boy alone in Michigan in "Bud, Not Buddy"?Just the advice -I'm not sure what they are.

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lefty Lewis's advice is that it is not safe for him, a young black boy, to be traveling the roads alone, especially at night.  He says, "a young brown-skinned boy walking along the road just outside of Owosso, Michigan, at two-thirty in the morning is definitely not where he ought to be...in fact, what is definite is that neither one of us should be out here this time of night" (Chapter 10).  Lefty elaborates on his warning later, telling Bud, "there just aren't too many places a young Negro boy should be traveling by himself, especially not clear across Michigan, there're folks in this state that make your average Ku Kluxer look like John Brown" (Chapter 12). 

Although the full ramifications of Lefty's warning are lost on Bud, Lefty is making a statement on the dangerous atmosphere of racism and oppression that exists against African Americans even in the Northern state of Michigan during the Depression years.  Ku Klux Klan - type atrocities against black individuals are often associated mainly with the South, but Lefty is pointing out that deep prejudices and inequalities are just as much a part of the Northern states as well.  Lefty himself is fearful about what might happen to him if he were accosted traveling the road at night, and he is even more concerned about Bud, who, as a child, has the added vulnerability of his own naivete going against him in addition to the color of his skin.