What advice would Stephen Blackpool give to Louisa Grandgrind and she to him?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stephen would initially begin a dialogue of advice to Louisa by suggesting that she escape the life of calculated "facts, not fancy" that is a part of Coketown.  Stephen would point to his own condition as one that is trapped by the factory system.  Stephen would reference how his condition in the world is one victimized by those in the position of power. Finding a place of escape from it is the only way in which happiness can be evident.  Being victimized by an industrialist system that seeks to establish only "the bottom line" and profit, he could speak to Louisa, who recognizes this in her own life.

Louisa would speak to her own spirit of rebellion as something that Stephen needs to embrace.  Her life of rebellion and dissent, seen in how she seeks to escape from her husband and how she refuses to return to him when it is clear that he will not stop his harsh treatment of her are representative of how much she seeks to activate a voice of dissent.  This is a piece of advice she could pass on to Stephen, who, himself, has been the recipient of the harsh world around him.  Louisa would recognize the victimization that the world has perpetrated upon Stephen.  This reality is something that she would identify with and offer up her own life as a model for him to fight back against a social order that seeks to marginalize him.  In refusing to go back to her husband's, Louisa recognizes clearly that defiance against a world that seeks to silence is the only possible way in which one can counteract a world constructed in "facts, not fancy."