What advice does Matt's father give Matt about bees?

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In Chapter Five, Matt desperately wants some honey, but he remembers that his father had warned him to stay away from the bee tree before he left.

Although he realizes that bees are 'better left alone,' as his father had advised, Matt decides to try his luck. He climbs up the tree and tries to extract a piece of honeycomb from inside the trunk. However, he is soon surrounded by angry bees who sting him all over his body. Matt makes a desperate run for the pond and just manages to save himself. However, as he tries to swim out further in order to get away from the swarming bees, Matt finds his feet tangled in weeds. Already in great pain, he thrashes wildly to free himself, but is unsuccessful. Eventually, he is saved from drowning by an old, Indian man who proceeds to gently pull out all the bee stings from Matt's body.

Matt loses consciousness and eventually wakes up to find himself in his own bed in the cabin. During recurring intervals, the old man feeds Matt some bitter medicine. The chapter ends with Matt falling into a deep sleep.

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