In Black Beauty, what is the advice given by his mother?

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As Beauty grows he begins his training. His master first gets Beauty used to the bit and bridle, then he places a saddle upon the horse's back.  After a few days of this practice, the man tightens the girth and feeds him oats, patting him as he does so.  Finally, the master mounts Beauty and rides him around the field.  After this, Beauty is shod and then learns how to pull a carriage with a harness and blinkers as his mother walks along with him in the second harness. In time, he becomes accustomed to everything and can work as well as his mother.

Beauty is driven in double harness with his mother many times.  His mother tells him that the better he behaves, the better the master will treat him.  But, she warns him,

"there are a great many kinds of men. There are good, thoughful men like our master, cruel men, who never ought to hae a horse or dog to call their own." 

Beauty's mother warns him that there are may foolish, vain, ignorant, and carless men who never think about the horses as living creatures.  Many ruin good horses just because they lack sense.  Others are cruel.  She tells Beauty that she hopes he will "fall into good hands" because a horse never knows who will buy him.

"But still I say, do your best wherever it is, and keep up your good name."

This advice and counsel will have added meaning to Beauty as he grows.

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