In chapter 36 of "Great Expectations", what advice does Pip seek from Wemmick? What advice does Wemmick give him?

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podunc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip asks Wemmick for his opinion as to whether or not to help his friend Herbert get started in the business world. Wemmick's response is a cynical one: "Choose your bridge . . . and take a walk upon [it] and pitch your money into the Thames over the centre arch of your bridge, and you know the end of it. Serve a friend with it, and you may know the end of it too--but it is a less pleasant and profitable end."

Wemmick feels that one should never "invest portable property in a friend" unless he does not want to be friends anymore!

gracie0616 | Student

However, the cynical response is given while Wemmick is at work. When he is at home, he supports the idea and even helps Pip come up with a plan. 

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