Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel

by Avi
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What advice does Miss Narwin give Phillip Malloy in the book Nothing But The Truth by Avi?

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In Nothing But the Truth by Avi, Philip Malloy's English teacher Miss Narwin gives him some advice when she grades his test over The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Phillip has not even finished reading the book and has made up silly answers for the test questions, hoping that Miss Narwin will just pass him based on his sense of humor. Instead, Miss Narwin advises him to take literature seriously. She writes on his paper that he is required to "...give it your respectfulthoughtful attention" (Avi 13). Miss Narwin continues and tells Phillip that lazy thinking is not acceptable in her class. She recommends that he change his habits and work on bringing his grade up, or he may well fail her class. Miss Narwin also lets Philip know that she sees his potential, and she knows he can do much better than what he is showing her.

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