What advice does Matt's father give him about how to treat the Indians in Sign of the Beaver?

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In chapter 2 of The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare, we learn that one of those few words of wisdom Matt’s father had been so keen on giving him had been on the subject of Indians. He informs Matt the Indians will not be concerned about him and that the majority of them have travelled to Canada. The ones who were left behind do not want to cause any problems or issues. He also tells Matt that Indians attach great importance to respect. Should Matt run into one, he should talk to him practically the same as he would to the preacher back home.

Matt had witnessed his father adhere to his own counsel. On one occasion, when they had walked a great distance from their home, they had noticed in the distance a lone dark-skinned person. The two guys had lowered their heads briefly in each other’s direction and raised a hand as a sign of respect, just as if they had been two clerics going by in the town square.

However, in spite of how tough his days are, Matt is feeling quite good about things, apart from a displeasing shudder in his mind regarding Indians. He has never set eyes on one and does not anticipate to, but every so often he gets the unnerving feeling that somebody is watching him.

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