In "The Crucible," what advice does Hale give to other characters? Under what circumstances?

Expert Answers
jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The advice Hale gives other characters changes as his view of the proceedings change.  When he first comes to town, tells the characters waiting for him, to "Have no fear now... we shall find him if he has come among us..." (Act I scene I )   Later when speaking with the Proctors, he is beginning to have doubts about the accusations, but he is still on the side of the courts.  He tells the Proctors, whose names have been mentioned in the proceedings,  to go to church and have their son baptized as well as to be solemn and quiet.  He is telling them to let the storm blow over.  Later when Hale comes to believe the courts are wrong, he gives Danforth advice to stay the executions and allow more time for investigation.  When Danforth refuses to listen Hale leaves.  By the end of the story, Hale is mostly concerned with saving innocent lives and it is in this mode that he advises, really begs, Proctor to confess even though he is innocent of the charges.  Thus the type of advice Hale gives changes as his view of the proceedings change.