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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Adverbs are words that modify other words. They are like adjectives, except that adjectives modify nouns while adverbs modify verbs. That is why the word "adverb" contains the word "verb." The first word in each of the pairs below is an adverb.

Sweetly singing

Quickly running

Loudly calling

Accidentally discovering

Fatally wounding

Patiently waiting

I hope these examples are sufficient. See the links below for further discussion.




nehaalkhurram | Student

adverbs are words that complement verbs .They are usually found at the end of a verb for


and gives the reader a clear description of whats going on and what does the verb states

hadjartahax | Student

thank you for the answers :) They really helped me.

hadjartahax | Student

What is an adverb and could you give some examples? x

sid-sarfraz | Student

Basically adverbs are words used to describe any verb. Where verbs are words that tells us any kind of action or work done like eat, play, drink etc.

Adverbs describe verbs and tells us when, where,why etc was the work done. Like for example;

  • He is eating quickly.

verb: eating

adverb: quickly

  • She is walking gracefully.

verb: walking

adverb: gracefully