What are the advantages of using computers in jobs?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The general applications of computers include data collection, organization and management, communication and image processing. Specific computer applications vary from discipline to discipline and generally include use of subject-specific software. 

Computers allow us to capture large datasets (say from imaging), organize them in particular patterns or formats, manage them efficiently and analyze them. The Internet has revolutionized communication and businesses depend on emails and Skype (or other chatting or conference apps) for communication, recruitment, project management, etc. Specific software, say that for banks or oil companies, enables faster jobs in these areas. People cannot only work within the confines of their company, they can also use computer for freelance business. One can write or read books, manage photos and music, carry out cash transactions, shop and even earn money by using computers. E-commerce has enabled buying and selling of products on computers. Similarly, they can be used for educational purposes, i.e. to enhance an employee's knowledge set.

In essence, computers make life a lot easier.

sjateach | Student

There are many advantages to using computers in jobs and at work. Computers allow for higher efficiency in the workplace by allowing the user to better organize, share and streamline their work. Computers also allow businesses to keep better track of their goods, services and employees. Computers can run specialized software that allows businesses and their employees to work faster and make less mistakes. Computers may also accommodate employees with disabilities who wold otherwise have difficulty with certain tasks. Computers can also help the environment by digitalizing certain aspects of jobs and reducing paper use and waste.

The disadvantages of using computers in the workplace include having to provide training for employees. Computers may also have an impact on productivity if an employee is misusing them. Overall, when used correctly computers are a great asset to the work environment. 

mathisfun | Student

Computers are used in the workplace because they help a business to run more efficiently. Computer programs offer a wide variety of tools that make the work load easier on the employees. For example, the payroll department can keep all pertinent data on an employee in a file on the computer. It makes it easy to go back over a long period of time at the track record of the employee. Think about a grocery store that scans the items you buy. The computer can easily track the items that are sold to keep up with inventory, instead of a human having to actually count or keep a tally of what has been sold. Computers offer self-checking tools - like spelling and grammar. 

We all know that at times, computers can be very frustrating. They do seem to have problems at the most inconvenient times. However, we rely on them so much. They collect and gather data for us, and they provide us with access to millions of people at one time. They are tools that our society depend on now. So, a business needs to follow suit and use what will help them to become more successful.

vevekim | Student

There are many advantages of using computers in jobs. Computers run different types of software that can help businesses keep track of their files, documents, schedules, and deadlines. A computer's ability to allow a business to organize its files efficiently leads to better time management and productivity. Also, computers help expand their business’ reach. Businesses that operate online generate higher sales and profits for businesses via a company website. They simplify business transactions and enable products and services to be sold across the globe.