What are the advantages of the use of epistolary technique in Mariama Ba's So Long A Letter?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Epistolary tecniques are excellent ways for the character's feelings to be portrayed without breaking point of view, or having to reveal it through dialogue between characters.

excellency | Student

the advantages of the epistolary technique is to allow us the readers to see the narrative as a form of 'gossip' between Ram and her bestfriend. it serves to show that women are better at riting their feelings as it may be hard to share their losses orally. another advantage is to show the contrast of Ram and her friend to whom she writes, it gives her the confidence to portray her feelings as well as to highlight the effects that men/ her husband had on her and other women. so in essence it serves as a window from which to veiw society from a feminist perspective as it relates to the exploitation of women in Sengal (a representation of women worldwide)

ohymaa | Student

the main idea of the story is for women to voice out their problems and give an  insight scoop into the ordeals that women go through.this is a petition to the world to help improve certain traditions that relinguish women to the background.the author therefore  terms the book into a letter form so as to avoid any interruption.the reason? for the first time women are letting themsdelves to be heard and this time they want nothing to stop them or stand in their way.

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