What advantages there are to digital photography over "film" photography?I'm looking for information and sources other than Enotes and Wikipedia.  Thank you.

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like you are looking for points to include in an essay or thesis which come from reputable sources.  To help get you started, I encourage you to use an online database of scholarly journals (which can be found in your local library, the library of a local college, or in your own home using a search engine like "Google Scholar.")  Some of these search engines require paid subscriptions, but if your library has access to them, you should be able to use the service for free and possibly print articles for a small charge.

As far as searching goes, consider some of the following ideas.  In the world of photography and art, many made the switch from film to digital reluctantly.  Originally, there was the thought that (as with many progressive changes toward a more computerized lifestyle) digital photography lost some of the artistic elements evident with film.  Consider searching keywords: "digital photography and art."

Despite this, digital photography not only continues to grow, but currently thrives as a mode not only for art, but business and science as well.  Consider first, the many things a computer can do to a photograph that simple film development can not.  Digital photography allows for editing, enhancing, cropping, manipulating, and otherwise adjusting pictures in ways that could not previously be achieved (or certainly not as easily, quickly, or with as professional a finish) with simple film.  As journalism moves away from a predominance in the "print" industry to more of a computerized culture, digital photography becomes not only more widely accepted, but more practical as well.  Consider searching keywords: "digital photography and journalism."

Finally, there is a growing use of digital photography in the medical world.  Digital photographic screening is being used to test for and help diagnose diabetic retinopathy.  Dermatologists are using digital photography in new ways to increase patient and practice management.  Consider searching keywords: "digital photography and medicine," or "digital photography and science."