What are the advantages of television as a socialization agent?

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Television can be used to socialize children. Television reaches a wide audience. Most people have some kind of access to cable and satellite television, and if one does not, one can always watch network television that is streamed for free. Most families have a television regardless of their income.

Television shows are also relatively short. This is important in that children's attention spans are often short. Most of a television show's storyline can be finished in thirty minutes or less. Many shorter children's cartoons often have two complete stories, with each one lasting fifteen minutes. A lot of children's programming teaches values such as hard work, honesty, and caring. Though the children do not realize it, they soon start to internalize these values.

Television also does not involve the constant attention of parents. Parents can used television as a "babysitter," as many children can sit enraptured by the programming. Though television is not a substitute for active...

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