What are the advantages of team work in today's healthcare organizations?  

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The advantages of team work in today's health care system are many and various - and co-operation is becoming more and more necessary as population increases and ages and the economy struggles to provide healthy and safe living for all. In a struggling economy, waste is a big factor and huge national services are prone to this and better team work would help. In order for true teamwork to happen nationwide, communication that is fast, accurate and efficient is vital - and that may mean upgrading and investing in the latest state of the art computer systems. That way, departments such as Health, Social Services, Welfare, Census Data, Education and Finance can share records and health and income data. 

Obvious benefits of a computerised data sharing system include the reduction of waste. Computers can keep track of staff and stock needs in order to effectively pinpoint and direct resources to where they are needed. Social Care services can input their own data to show whether the elderly can safely be released from hospital and whether they have care awaiting them at home in the form of health visitors or district nurses so that beds can be freed for others in dire need. Social Welfare departments can co-operate in terms of directing funding and keeping track of children at risk whose records may be in danger of becoming hidden or lost.