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What are the advantages of social media?

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There are several advantages of social media. One advantage is that it puts an individual person in charge of what information to publicize. Before social media existed, a person had to hope that a newspaper, a radio station, or a television news station would carry a story that is of interest to that person. With social media, anyone can publish any story instantly.

Social media also allows a person to show video of an event that is occurring. This video could be very helpful in case an event ends up in a court of law. For example, a video that shows a person being arrested could confirm or contradict a story being told in court.

Social media can be used to mobilize people very quickly. A quick post on Facebook or on another social media outlet can inform people about an event that is going on or that will be taking place shortly.

Social media allows people to stay connected with each other. With social media, people can stay connected to family and friends who live far away. Social media allows people to share stories and pictures about important events in a person's life.

A good example of the benefits of social media is how J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans football team used social media to let people know how to help the flood victims in Houston from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. He used social media to set a fundraising goal. Because the original goal was exceeded, he continued to raise the level of the goal several times. Ultimately, over 37 million dollars was raised. People heard of his efforts through social media outlets and through mass media outlets. Much of his efforts and the efforts of others were documented and shared on social media, including several videoes showing how relief supplies reached the victims of the hurricane.

There are many advantages of social media.

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