orchid101 | Student

Rivers are among the most powerful natural forces in shaping the Earth's surface. In draining the land of surplus water, rivers wear down mountains, plateaux, and other high landforms. In a never- ending process, eroded material is carried by rivers. Some is deposited to form floodplains in the valleys, some from deltas at the rivers' mouth, and some is deposited in the sea. It is a source of irrigation. Scientifically speaking water like air is essential for human life. It saves human bodies from dehydration. It is a habitat for animals and birds.

bijal1986 | Student

The advantages of a river are as follows...

1) They provide water for drinking.

2) they provide water for agriculture, building constructions and other things.

3) They carry all salty substance and then the meet in sea with all salty substance.

4) animals and birds habituat near river so that they also get water for drinking.

5) We can take bath in river also.

6) we can swim in river also.

7) we can make it tourist spot and our governemnt can earn a lot from it.

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