What are the advantages of industrialization?

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Industrialization is not only an engine for employment, wealth and technical skill, but an engine for the development of technology.  Modern conveniences, medical advances, changes in lifestyle, education, popular living locations, transportation development, machination - all of these are examples of how industrialization has contributed to widespread and large scale changes to how people live, and how well they live.

It is also probably the single greatest factor for the enlargement of and migration to the cities.  Take the explosion in the US population in the North after 1865, for example, as a direct result of rapid industrial development.

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The most evident advantage of industrialization would be the development of wealth or capital.  Industrialization generated a great deal of wealth for many people.  Workers were able to find a source of work that could expand to employ more people.  Factory owners experienced more of a wealth bounce from industrialization.  I would also suggest that another advantage of industrialization was the movement to a more urbanized setting.  Prior to industrialization, individuals lived apart from one another and in distant settings.  With most of the factories being located in the cities, individuals were able to move to these areas and become closer to one another with greater physical examples of community being formed.  Finally, I would say that the development of roads, canals, and changes in how information was relayed as well as the improvements in transportation ended up being a result of industrialization because of the desire to move goods to farther reaches of the nation.  Underscoring all of these is the fact that in order for any nation to emerge into a concept of modernization and contemporary settings of power, industrialization has to be evident.  Historically this has been true and in the end, many distinct advantages have resulted and do result from...

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The main and perhaps the only advantage of industrialization is that it increases productivity, which enable production of a large variety of products and service economically. This in turn leads for improved standards of living for the entire society or the economy.

The increased prosperity, and standard of living of people is evident in various forms such as better and more food, clothing and shelter, longer life expectancy, freedom from drudgery of physical work, more and better means of entertainment and other leisure activities, better facilities for development of intellectual capabilities of individuals and for satisfying their intellectual inquisitiveness, and greater interaction among people through better means of communication and travel. The list is almost never ending.

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