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Benefits Of Ethnic Diversity

What are the advantages of having different racial or ethnic groups in a community?

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Tim Mbiti eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Globalization has inevitably brought people of diverse backgrounds to a common geographical space and this is unlikely to revert. Such diversity, spread across racial, religious and cultural lines, has its merits as well as limitations. Some of the advantages include;

Society cohesion

People of different cultural or racial backgrounds can interact and get to learn and appreciate each others’ uniqueness hence fostering tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The peaceful coexistence allows each group to maintain its identity giving rise to societies free of discrimination and conflict. Countries such as Switzerland and Indonesia are renowned for the peaceful coexistence of multi-ethnic groups

Cultural resource

With each group maintaining its identity and practices, multi-ethnic societies offer a wealthy pool of culture. Individuals get to learn about others way of life and even exchange some practices. Cultural aspects such as art, music and cuisine have become tourist attractions in culturally rich countries such as Madagascar.

Economic development

People from different backgrounds have different things to offer in terms of ideas, experiences and expertise. In the US for instance, the inflow of immigrants such as high achieving scholars, engineers and other highly skilled professionals create conducive environment for competition, innovation, efficacy as well as productivity, key elements in any economy.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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There are two major benefits to having racial and ethnic diversity in a community.

First, a racially and ethnically diverse community is one that is better positioned to succeed in a globalized economy.  The world’s economy today is becoming more and more interconnected.  This means that people of different races and ethnicities will have to interact with one another more and more.  Members of a racially and ethnically diverse society are better prepared to deal with such interactions.  They are already used to interacting with people who are different than they are.  This means they will be better prepared to function in the globalized world.

Second, a diverse community is arguably stronger than a homogeneous society.  A diverse society has people who have many different ideas and beliefs.  This means that ideas and attitudes are constantly being challenged.  People are constantly being exposed to different ideas.  As they think about those ideas, they take the ones that seem best to them.  In such a society, people get to choose the best aspects of various cultural attitudes instead of having no choice but to embrace the traditional attitudes of their own culture.

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angelainy | Student

Although human beings tend to naturally be drawn to people with several similaities to them, diversity in a community is very much a brilliant must-have in modern times. As the world evolves and countries become intertwined via the internet and traveling, cultural consideration in beginning to raise in importance. This brings up the first advantage, that is, Ethnical and Racial diversity brings about cultural consideration and developing awareness for differences as well as similarities between the races/ethnicities. Another advantage is it brings various view points into one place making the possibilities of discovering something new nearly an everyday thing.