What are the advantages of elections?

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In my mind the most overwhelming advantage of elections is that the people's voice is heard.  In direct voting, popular sovereignty is authenticated.  The people's voice and their ability to influence the course of their government becomes the fundamental advantage in the election process.  This would be one critical advantage. I think that another advantage is that the process of elections guarantees that candidates earn the trust through vote of the people.  Candidates cannot simply presume that they will win the people's votes.  The election process ensures that candidates listen to their constituency, explain their reasoning, and attempt to persuade people that voting for them would be in their best political interests.  This is another advantage of the election process.  Finally, I think that the idea of being able to hold leaders accountable through subsequent elections represents another advantage of the election process.  Democracy's vigilance and sense of awareness is only grasped when individuals test their leaders to see if promises made were kept and if elected leaders are responsive to the needs of the body politic. In this test, elections can prove to be quite valuable.

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in my opinion it's a part of Democracy. to be Democratic country thr shld be elections.People 's choice is heard  through elections.
basically elections are the basic thing for a Democratic country. its a first level for development. people choice thr party just becoz they can develop through them.

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