What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various routes to power according to Machiavelli?

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Machiavelli outlined his beliefs about the different method of maintain and acquiring power in his famous work The Prince, which he wrote in 1513. He make one main points regarding power and stability; that there is a difference between public and private morality. Stability required a ruler to be willing to make immoral decisions even if he is really a moral man at heart. He emphasized the need for occasional deceit, brute for and so on in order to rule effectively.

Conversely, in Discourses on Livy, Machiavelli show an alternative view of government in which he actually contradicts the ideas he lauded in The Prince. Machiavelli discusses how a republic should be created as well as the concept of checks and balances. He says that in a well-ordered republic, you should never have to resort to deceitful practices. He also says that the best way for a leader to rule is honestly and justly, which stands out in stark contrast to what he said in his previous work.