What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a computer in a business?

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The benefits of using a computer in a business far outweigh any of the pitfalls. The computer gives you access to the Internet, which makes it much easier to communicate with different employees and divisions in your company.  The computer can also be used to connect to social media, which can be a very effective and cost-efficient means of advertising.  The creation of a company web site is also a powerful tool for advertising.  Using computers makes almost any task for any business more efficient.  Efficiency ultimately leads to higher profits.  

There are aspects of the computer that benefit virtually any business. Computers make record-keeping easier and more accurate.  It is easier to track payroll, generate receipts, and prepare to file taxes.  For every business endeavor, there are software applications designed specifically for that business.  

In many respects, this question would have been more appropriate thirty years ago.  The reason I say that is because the computer is such an everyday part of our lives today that we could discuss advantages for days.  A couple of disadvantages for relying on computers exist, however.  First, a business has the potential to lose the personal touch between employees and customers when they communicate exclusively with computers. Another problem is that it is possible to become too dependent on the computer for day-to-day operations.  If the company experiences technical issues, such as a problem with the network, they may be hampered for a period of time and lose productivity.  There are also overhead costs associated with computers that a company must absorb, including maintenance, personnel, infrastructure, and utility costs.

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