What are the advantages and disadvantages of Texas's judicial selection process?

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In Texas, judges are selected via direct election instead of political appointment. This method is quite unusual in the United States of America, and it’s interesting to evaluate both the advantages and disadvantages.

The overarching benefit of this system is that it places power in the hands of the people, especially at the local level, which is aligned with American democratic principles. Judges are elected similarly to how state representatives are elected. Judges therefore become accountable to local constituents instead of getting their positions via political appointment by the governor, who may not be in tune with the wants and needs of a local region.

Another benefit is that in theory this method removes the risk of corruption through political favors. When a governor appoints a judge, it sets up a dynamic which questions if that judge owes a favor to the politician.

Also, this process removes lifetime appointments. Judges with lifetime appointments do not answer to anyone and...

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