What are the advantages and disadvantages of  telemedicine to people at state and national levels?

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several advantages and disadvantages to the use of telemedicine.  These advantages and disadvantages can be applied at state and national levels.

Advantages of telemedicine include increased access, availability and quality.  Patients may be able to see providers without having to travel a great deal.  They also may be able to see a specialist in a region where no specialist may be available.  Quality is increased because the right provider is treating the right patient at the right time.

A disadvantage of telemedicine is the reliance of technology. If the technology does not work, the patient may not be able to be treated appropriately.  Also, since providers are at remote locations, they may not develop a close relationship with the patient.  This relationship may be needed in order to correctly identify the disease process within the patient.