What are the advantages and the disadvantages of reproduction?

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The advantages of sexual reproduction are: different genetic combinations produce variety in the species and enhance survival of species through adaptations suited to environmental factors. Less susceptible to disease because of greater gene variability. Offspring are not genetic clones. Disadvantages are: It requires a partner to complete sexual reproduction. If two partners have a "bad" recessive gene, it will be passed on to the offspring. It is a slower process than asexual reproduction. Fewer offspring are born.

The advantages of asexual reproduction are: quick, easy, no need for another of that kind.  Offspring are genetic clones of parent. Disadvantages are: genetic offspring do not contain any genetic changes that would prove advantageous in survival situations. Competition for nutrients is more intense between parent and offspring which are budded or dropped from the parent. Rely on mutation for variation in their genes