What are the advantages and the disadvantages of release?I am looking for some provable answers, please..

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Answers to your question are going to be opinions, which means you need to decide what you think are the advantages and disadvantages of release. "Provable answers" - you can find reasons in the book to support and condemn the practice, but The Giver is fictional. If you're looking for facts based on reality to prove or disprove your position, you're going to have to look elsewhere.

The community would have seen release of those who were old and no longer contributing to the society as an advantage, since release meant they no longer required food, space, or care. "Release of the elderly, which was a time of celebration for a life well and fully lived" eased these individuals out of life with dignity.

The release of a newchild wasn't a celebration, but the gradually softening repetitions of the child's name helped the community to deal with the loss, so that might be seen as another advantage.

Possibly the main disadvantage would be the absolute finality of release.

For a contributing citizen to be released from the community was a final decision, a terrible punishment, an overwhelming statement of failure.

There was no option to appeal a conviction, no possibility of evidence uncovered later reversing a sentence and allowing for freedom after a conviction is overturned.

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There are advantages to Release.  The process of Release keeps the community in sameness.  It ensures that there will never be any uncomfortable situations.   People who do not fit the community’s view of what they should be will be eliminated.  Everyone that remains will be comfortably the same.

Another advantage of Release is that there is no crime.  Since anyone who breaks a rule three times or makes a serious error in judgment is Released, there will never be even petty crime.  In fact, there is no property and everything is communal.  Jonas is even reprimanded publicly for taking an apple home without eating it.

Release ensures population control.  No one will ever be sick, because the sick are summarily executed.  Non-productive citizens, such as the elderly, are rewarded for the services for a few comfortable years and then Released.  This eliminates the drain on society typically caused by the elderly.



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I don't think the release has disadvantages in their community but in our community it is brutal because someone shouldn't be killed because he/she doesn't function well and is a consumer more than a producer. The advantages are that because they don't function very well, they aren't needed in the community and more than feelings or rights, importance and function to the community is essential for them. They don't feel anything for anyone so they can't be sorry about someone's release.

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For me and our community,a release can be disaster,however in the novel,elders try to prepare a perfect society which every citizen is functionable,important.They are giving a big value to creating the best system that they behave rebellious to nature and God.They are unable to reach humanistic things,concepts.So,this kind of community can use this system to release their unmeaningul "products"

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Thank you for your answer. Although, I think its nearly unthinkable, advantages of something is could not possibly change whether someones opinion, even in this book.

For an example, advantages of the release (shortly)

-order in the community

-no risks to disobey the rules, because there is a punishment in the end

or, we can look at the disadvantages


-people do not aware about what are they doing, what they are, because they are simply murderers.

-"life is meaningless, some come and pass away, new will come" is likely to be the main thought.....

May be I should say "list" in my other quetions from now. I simply asked for disadvantages and andvantages. and some textual support, that was what I meant for provable.