what are advantages and disadvantages of nuclear plants..........?????  

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One of civilization’s most pressing problems is the energy crisis. The question that ponders every sensible mind is that exactly how long before we run out of all the energy sources presently at our disposal? Most ambitious estimates put the answer at 150 years from now.  What after that? Shall we return back to the middle ages again?

Nuclear power plants are the only way forward in this unavoidable crisis. We can sustain a bit longer on nuclear power technology that is available now.  Once we master the technology required for harnessing energy from nuclear fusion reactions, we can sustain till eternity! Not only that, since nuclear power plants don’t burn any fossil fuel, the air remains clean while inexpensive electrical energy is generated.  Thus its economic benefits are also enormous.

Such a rosy energy-picture, however, has to be severely tampered. There are several drawbacks of operating nuclear power plants. Protecting this planet from radiation and nuclear accidents through foolproof safety measures is an absolute necessity. Nuclear waste disposal is another area of serious concern. So is the threat from terrorist attacks. Any successful terrorist attack in nuclear power stations would bring about catastrophic consequences within minutes.

Therefore nuclear power plants should be treated as supersensitive security spots, warranting the most extreme of security measures, from both technological and physical point of view.

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