What are the advantages and disadvantages of the deconstruction approach?

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Deconstruction is a form of literary analysis that has widely been attributed to the work of Jacques Derrida. At its core, it is mean to question the fundamental concepts of Western philosophy.

One of the advantages to deconstruction is that it encourages such a close analysis that the reader begins to question not only the commonly understood meaning of a work but also why a reader would even draw such inferences in the first place. Deconstruction looks closely at the relationship between words and meaning and calls to attention the subjectivity of language.

A disadvantage of deconstruction would be its tendency to obfuscate any "real" answer to a philosophical question. It might weaken the ability of scholars to communicate with each other in an effective way.

Deconstruction as a philosophy and a literary theory offers readers a way to engage with writing that is two-sided; deconstructivists deny that language has fixed and permanent meaning, which can either mean that language is freed...

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