What are the advantages and disadvantages of data structure???

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Data structure, in simplest terms, is data organization for its efficient use. Data structures can be of various types, depending on the application. For example, databases use different data structures than compilers. 

The advantages and disadvantages of data structures are listed:


  • Data structures allow information storage on hard disks. 
  • provides means for management of large dataset such as databases or internet indexing services.
  • Are necessary for design of efficient algorithms.
  • allows safe storage of information on a computer. The information is then available for later use and can be used by multiple programs. Additionally, the information is secures and can not be lost (especially if it is stored on magnetic tapes).
  • allows the data use and processing on a software system. 
  • Allows easier processing of data.
  • Using internet, we can access the data anytime from any connected machine (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)


  • Only advanced users can make changes to data structures
  • Any problem involving data structure will need an expert's help, i.e. basic users can not help themselves. 

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