What are the advantages and disadvantages of a computer?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Computers offer advantages and disadvantages.  With computers, it is much easier to do research, complete assignments, communicate with others, and get work or projects done with people from all over the world.  Before computers, everything was typed out or handwritten.  If you made a mistake or forgot to add something, you might have to start the project or assignment over.  Communication was much slower also.  People would call each other or send letters, messages, or information by mail.  Researching something meant a trip to the library was necessary.  Now that may not be the case.  In addition, people are able to do a lot more things on their own.  You can make travel reservations, set up appointments, and do other daily actions on your own without the help others.

There are disadvantages to computers also.  People are now always connected. A worker can be reached at home by text or email.  People are expected to do work at home or at least check messages.  Unless a person makes a conscious decision to disconnect, that person can be reached in some manner.  Jobs have been lost in some areas by computers.  Since people can do so much on their own, there isn't a need for some workers.  Look at how much information is sent by email instead of the U.S. mail.  More and more people spend more time on computers.  People text instead of talk.  People are constantly looking at their devices.  Basic social skills are declining.  Fewer kids are reading as much as in the past.

Thus, there are positive and negative aspects to the use of computers.

harris-sony | Student


1. You can work faster

2. You can connect to many people at the same time

3. Research is made easier

4. You can monitor your business performance easily

5. You can share information without meeting in person


1. People's memory no longer effective as they rely on computers

2. Many people out of employment because the computer can do work that used to be done by many peopl, this is causing crimes in many parts of the world

3. Terrorism on the rise as terrorists can easily connect from different parts of the world

4. Decay of moral values as people can easily access information in computers

5. Family ties no longer strong as family members spent a lot of time using computers

mrs-k | Student

In today's world it seems as if everything evolves around a computer.  There are both positive and negative aspects to this.  The positive is that it makes communicating easier and quicker.  When looking for information using a computer is much quicker than trying to use older and outdated methods such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.   If you are not a social person a computer can be a good companion for games and communicating.  Computers do have an advantage for communication for those that are non verbal, have difficulty communicating or are unable to communicate on their own, this allows them some independence.

The negative aspects of computers is that they have taken over our world.  People often do not speak face to fact any longer, they message, email or text.  This often lowers people communication skills.  Our youth are not learning how to use primary and secondary sources to do homework and research papers, this means that our libraries are not being utilized as they once were.  Children are spending more time on the computer than they are playing outside and doing imaginative activities which is an important part of a child's development.  It has even become expected that we be 21st Century classroom to entertain children.