Advantages And Disadvantages Of Catalysts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of catalysts?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Catalysts are substances that help to speed up the process of chemical reactions without taking part in the reaction. This process of of speeding up the speed of chemical reaction without taking part in the reaction is called catalysis.

Catalysts are useful for speeding up processes in many chemical industries. This enables the industries to manufacture their products faster and thereby reduce manufacturing costs. Catalysts such as enzymes help in chemical processes in animals and plants.

But catalysts can have negative consequences also when these take place naturally. For example, Nitric Oxide acts as a catalyst to aid in decomposition of Ozone in the ozone layer.

claremarie | Student

When a catalyst speeds up ta reaction, the advantages outnumber the disadvanages.  A catalyst can be used when something needs to be finished soon and in large amounts.  A catalyst works almost as an enzyme. the disadvatages would be that the reaction may be going so fast, that errors may be made

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