What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager?

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I think the teen years are extremely difficult for many people. You are trying to find your place in this world, you are discovering the harsh truths of this world, you are trying to understand yourself better, and going through way too many hormonal changes to even think straight. You are not a "child" anymore, but you are still not an adult, but you have adult urges, and are slowly gaining adult responsibilities.

I would never want to relive my teen years. The only advantage I can think of is that you're young, very young.

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The main advantage of being a teenager is that you can explore yourself without serious consequences.  You can find out who you are.  The disadvantage is that there is difficulty in growing up, and puberty can be very hard.  You also often have the intellect of an adult without all of the rights.

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You, as a teenager yourself, may well have different answers than those of us who are well past our teen years.  From my perspective, looking back at my teen years, I see that there were good and bad things about those years.

The major advantage of being a teen is that there are so many possibilities.  Your whole life, as they say, is ahead of you.  You do not know what will happen to you in that life.  There are still very few careers that you know you cannot have at this point in your life.  You do not know where you will live.  You do not know who you will fall in love with.  All of these things are really exciting things that you still get to wonder about and will find out about.

But that is also the major disadvantage of being a teen.  You don't really know what your life will be and so there is more stress, perhaps, than we older people have.  At my age, I know more or less what sort of work I'll be doing the rest of my life (I think).  I know who I've fallen in love with and I've been married to her for more than 20 years.  I know how many kids I'll have and I know what sex they are.  I'm settled and comfortable.  As a teen, there is not that kind of stability and certainty in your life.  There is much more in the way of worries and insecurities.  What if I never find a job?  What if I never find love?  All of these sorts of worries are more prevalent in a teen's life.

So, to me, the advantages and disadvantages of teen life are related.  You get the thrill of new discoveries and of finding out what life will be.  At the same time, you get the instability and insecurity that go along with the thrills.

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The advantages and disadvantages to adolescence vary by country.

In the United States, in most circumstances, teenagers are guaranteed basic life necessities such as housing and food without the expectation of labor.

However, at the same time, teenagers do not enjoy a legal personality in most contexts; they cannot vote, enter into a contract, nor possess a firearm. They are also prohibited from the consumption of some products which are otherwise legal for the population at large, such as alcohol and tobacco. Finally, while they are permitted to enter into the workforce, it is at an unequal level relative to adults. For instance, teenagers are generally limited to the amount of work they can perform and are restricted from some professions, such as military service.

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