What are the advantages of Direct current over Alternating current and what is the significance of using AC at our houses?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us define first AC and DC

AC -> alternating current; The direction of the current flowing is repeatedly being reversed back and forth. It forms a wave (sine wave).

DC --> Direct current; it is a single directional of electric charge.

The advantages of DC over AC are that it is less hazardous, it cannot shock a person too much as to compare to what AC electrocution can do. It is very handy in the form of batteries and cells. It has a low line resistance that produces lower line losses than AC.

The advantages of AC are that it is readily available because our power lines provide our electricity in the AC form. Most of the appliances are being run by AC so it would be efficient. It can be acquired through long distance of transmission lines and doesn't run out and it is cheap compared to DC. It can also be easily stepped up or down depending on the amount of current needed.