What is the advantage of modifying biology to see what the impact is on a certain individual?

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Modified biology is another way of talking about genetic engineering.  The ideas behind genetic engineering are basically good, with some type of improvement in mind.  We still live in a world where food scarcity is a problem; there are certain areas of the world where children go to bed hungry.  In developing third-world countries, there are still places that struggle with raising enough crops to feed their people, securing enough meat to satisfy nutritional requirements.  Genetic engineering seeks to develop solutions to these types of problems.  There is an old saying, however:  "You can't fool Mother Nature."  The mechanism genetic engineering experiments with is the genome of the organisms they seek to improve.  This is still a highly experimental field, sometimes resulting in death, dismemberment, or untimely demise of the said organism.  Sometimes, however, there is the improvement being sought.  The genetically engineered salmon, the so-called "Frankenfish", generates rowth hormone the year-round, so it grows at four times the rate of a normal salmon, creating a much larger supply of meat per fish.  Sometimes, scientists do get the desired outcome, which is what the body of knowledge has been about for some time now.

thisisalongword | Student

1. More informed customers, because they need to make more informed decisions in regard to nutrition, agriculture and science.


2. Less pesticide is needed to be used due to insect pest resistant plants.


3. More economically friendly as pesticides do not go into the air, soil, and water (especially freshwater supplies). Their production hazards to the environment also decreases.


4. Decrease in costs of growing and farming, due to the reduced use of pesticides.


5. Higher crop yields.


6. Farmers have more income, which they could spend on such things as, for example, the education of their children.


7. Less deforestation needed to feed the worlds growing population (UN projections say that the world population will reach 8.15 billion compared to 6.18 billion in year 2000). This decreases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which in turn slows global warming.

8. Decrease in food prices due to lower costs and higher yield. As people in poor countries spend over half of their income on food alone, lower food prices mean an automatic reduction of poverty.

9. Less starvation in the world due to decreased food prices.

10. More nutritious. This has been proven and tested many times.

11. Rigorous testing of ALL GMO crops and products. This makes GMOs much safer than organic (the traditional) crops.

astrosonu | Student

Again its Bandy the super expert.

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