What is the advantage and disadvantage of advertising in Facebook?It's the second part of my research. Hope someone can help. :)

ilias2010 | Student


as we know most  of things in this world have benefits and disavantages.and advertising in Facebook is one of those things.

let s begin with benefits, first one is that you sell your product in a modern way using internet(facebook).second, this is a cheap task and quite succeful one in comparise with the advertisments in tv wich are quite expensive.third,as we know faceboook is a social network wich huge number of users all over the world use it; so that will give you a wide market to sell ur products or goods in.

Now let s move to the diadvantages, first one is that In facebook most of people who use it are interested in chatiing and meeting other people not in buying goods.Second,the advertisment in facebook is such an invisible one every 1 minut u have a different company with its own product.Third, the place where the advertisments are quite small and may people could not see it..

Hope I did help!!

just-s | Student

totally agree with ilias2010.

yep, people don't use it for business, mostly for socializing........but you may get a good turn out from advertising on face book if the product itself is good.