What advantage did Grant's army have over Lee's army at Richmond, Virginia?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Grant’s army had every advantage over General Lee’s army at Richmond, Virginia in 1865.  The battle was just a week before the end of the Civil War.  General Sherman had ravaged the South and the Confederate army in his March to the Sea.  Then, when General Sherman turned northeast, more destruction occurred.  Meanwhile, General Lee had suffered significant losses when fighting General Grant in the Overland Campaign. Lee’s army was short on supplies. His soldiers often didn’t have enough food.  A lack of equipment and clothing were issues also.  Morale was very low for the southern soldiers.  General Grant, meanwhile, had all the momentum.  The Union army had many successes as it moved through the South. The Overland Campaign forced General Lee to move to the Richmond area where a long siege began.  For General Grant, there were plenty of soldiers, and food was abundant.  As the soldiers began to sense the war was almost over, their morale was high.  General Grant had every advantage over General Lee at Richmond.

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